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Have you tried to think why a relationship became long-lasting to some people? You’re wondering if they experience fights, misunderstanding or problems on their relationship. So how do we get a not so perfect (because there’s none) yet a healthy and must say a happy relationship? Most of us, we are spending time and days to absolute look for the best recipe for relationships. There are a lot of articles, reviews and studies that discuss the essential recipe of a happy and healthy relationship.

In such, the main ingredients of this kind of relationship are to mix it perfectly WITHOUT ANY SUBSTITUTION, EVEN ALTERNATIVES. Perfect combination is a one good thing in preparing this recipe. Equal measures must be considered also.

Measure it equally: Mix it well!

The most foundation of a relationship is Trust. If you don’t have one, then how will the relationship work? It is commonly misunderstood by many people, confusion between which is which? Trust over love? Or love over trust? Then how can you love a person if you don’t trust him/her?

Second, is so called time— important thing about time is you can give your life to that person, time to listen, time to enjoy, and time to give words, time to appreciate, time after time.

Does it make sense? Absolutely! Time is inevitable. It cannot be changed nor returned.

Third, Empathy and Commitment, these two words complicate trust and time if it is misunderstood. These are the drivers for a healthy relationship. You must know how to play with it very well. An ounce of acceptance, a cup of respect, unlimited tablespoon of kindness and infinite glass of compassion these are the ingredients that cannot be altered or adjusted. Mix it well!

Balance the Ingredients to taste

There comes a time that relationship is always put into test and trials, but how to get over it? Communicate! – Communication is a must in a relationship. Feed-backing is part of it. Add also the unlimited grams of humour and affection to continue the awesomeness of the relationship. Furthermore, to be able to perfectly taste the endless happiness in the relationship, learn to listen, to discipline yourself and to be more consistent in all aspects. In addition, learning new things everyday about how you spend your day with your partner is a great deal. Making time for new discoveries in your relationship is one tool to make it even stronger. Indeed, appreciate each other’s effort for doing all the things that will help your relationship grows. Balancing these following ingredients is also crucial.

Hence, relationship is simple yet people used to make it very complicated. Any reasons may vary or valid, but there comes a time that you’ll get disappointed to your partner. Never ever forget the best ingredients that are all stated above. Moreover, such things like being positive to every situation and being passionate to the ideals of your relationship are helpful. The happiness that you are looking for are surely be cooked well and perfectly. Lastly, patience and consistency is the key for this endeavour.