Lessie Maan | Relationships, Sex

Sexual unions serve as an instrument for a married couple to express and deepen their affection.  But without a good foundation, challenges can result in deep dissatisfaction, killing the marriage.

Listed below are the challenges of marital sexuality;

Lack of time for sexy time

This problem arises once one of the couples has a demanding job or got a busy family life. Not allotting time for bedroom dates can definitely lose their intimacy and closeness. Hence, it’s a good thing that you both plan a date night especially those who have an unpredictable schedule.


Obviously, this sexuality issue can destroy not just the marriage, but a home.  But on a brighter side, it can be a great way to revive a relationship sometimes. Once a couple overcomes this challenge, infidelity can fill up what is lacking in their relationship and push them to be a better partner, although it could be a tough and painful path for them to get there.

Dominance in sex

It differs from couple to couple when it comes to the frequency of sex they should have. Though studies have shown that people make love at least seven times every month on average, still no secret formula can ensure a healthy and fulfilling sex life.  The point here is, married people should enjoy the frequency of sex they’re getting as well as the control they’ve got.

Just like communication, sex is a two-way process. It won’t work if only one individual controls how and when it occurs. In fact, marriage destroyers such as anger, dissatisfaction may emerge.

Sexless marriage

Recently, sexless marriage is on the rise. Lots of studies revealed that about 15% of partners hadn’t sexed for almost six to one year span of time.  Unfortunately, this can be a sign that the relationship is dying. Most likely the couple just decided to stay together due to other reasons such as children, financial resources or health insurance.

In some instances, some shifted to a platonic relationship. Sexless marriage won’t harm the relationship not unless one of them is not good with the situation and demands for any sexual connection.

Negative attitude regarding porn

Several men and women link porn with their healthy sex lives. But it turns to be a problem once a partner does not watch other types of pro, especially if it is perceived as an alternative to love making.

When it comes to other sexual issues, porn addiction may be an indication of an emotional disconnection between married couples.

Sex as a punishment

It can be a dangerous problem, most specifically when sex is utilized as a punishment. This becomes worse and toxic when an unresolved grievance from their past gave a reason to withhold sex.

Satisfaction from marital sex plays a crucial role in a healthy marriage. A good marriage is similar to a three-legged stool – one is for mental connection, one is for an emotional relationship, and the other one is for sexual connection. It will collapse when one of the legs goes missing.