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Though acknowledging that some women would prefer their men to be well hung, the majority believe that it’s not the pen that matters, but the penmanship. Men can always compensate for the lack in inches by mastering techniques that will enhance their performance in bed and satisfy their partners. Performance – rather than size – is what matters. Though there are those who offer help in increasing penis size, those remedies provide only short-term solutions. Surgery, the more permanent solution, can add, on the average, an inch. Two inches will be short of miraculous apparently.

Do sex enhancers work?

As for the supposedly performance-enhancing objects, studies say that sex enhancers can psychologically improve a man’s sexual performance simply because his partner is enjoying it. If the partner is really into it, it gives the man mental satisfaction and he ends up performing better. But some women are not comfortable with them, knowing there is always the risk of infection because it is a foreign body. On one hand, the risk of infection is relatively low because the implants used nowadays do not cause that much tissue reaction. As for external gadgets, if the partner is into them, the man’s performance will be enhanced. But if your partner doesn’t like it and complains, how can you perform better?

Are uncircumcised men better lovers?

On claims that uncircumcised men do better in bed, experts say that is actually the man who gets additional satisfaction rather than the women because the penis glands are not usually as exposed as they are during sex, unlike a circumcised male.

Is there such a thing as overused penis?

The penis can also be seriously damaged in other ways but not by too much sex. What causes damage is if the penis is erect and someone violently manipulates it, pulling it downward. It may result in a condition known as penile fracture. Something breaks inside the penis causing it to swell immediately. If this occurs, the man has to see the doctor that instant.

Are more men brave enough to seek treatment?

As for erectile dysfunction or impotence, the problem of not being able to have an erection, reports say that men are also more willing now to admit such a problem and to the need to use performance-enhancing drugs. Though impotence is often a function of age, it can occur even earlier, which is why men should not hesitate to seek medical help. It’s difficult to say when exactly impotence would set in. Some develop it as early as 40 years old. Studies have shown that 35 percent of men develop impotence at the age of 60. Today’s stressful lifestyle can induce erectile dysfunction, albeit temporarily. Men whose problems arise from stress are often helped by proper medication and lifestyle changes. But long time smokers may find the problem starting at a much earlier age. The longer a man has been smoking, the more serious the problem is going to be.

Now on the final question, does size really matter? Truth be told, size had nothing to do with how well a man performed in bed.